Power Cycle Computer, Router, Modem to fix Problems

computer-repair-doctorSometimes you face issues in booting your computer or problems while connecting to the Internet, It is recommended to do a power cycle your Computer, in order to keep electronic devices working properly.

A similar issue can arise with Printers, Routers, Modem, or any other Electronic Device.

Power cycling your Device can be a rapid and easy solution for any functional issue, and moreover, and the best part is you don't need any assistance from a professional technician. This help article will guide you how to perform a power cycle your any device. Also let you know, why it is effective.

Cycling power to a Device means to shut off power completely and then restore power back after a short interval of a time period.

Note :- Generally, the bigger the electrical device, the bigger the capacitors that are used by the Electronic circuits. That’s why, it's recommended to turn off the device for a bit longer time interval, just to make sure the capacitors and other electronic component drains charge completely.

Step 1 :- Disconnect the Power Source

Unplug the power cable from the device. If it is possible, do remove all the wires, or any other detachable component Like Battery, Flash Drive, AUX, etc.

This will make sure while performing Charge Drain, Device won't retain any charge back again.

remove-cable-1            remove-cable-2

Step 2 :- Drain Out Excess Charge

This is a very important part of the procedure. You can help this process by Pressing and hold the power button (or any available physical button on the Panel) on the device for 20 to 30 Seconds, although the Device is not plugged in this will help drain all left over charge from Device.

(Some devices don’t have any Physical button. In this case, you need to leave it unplugged for a minute or so, the time interval depends on how big your device is.)

press-the-power-button-2            press-the-power-button-1

Step 3 :- Reconnect the Cables

Once all the Charge drains out. Plug back all the wires the way it was.

Then simply turn on the device.

plug-cable-back-2        plug-cable-back-1

Now your device is Power Cycled and Ready to use.

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