Manage the Taskbar in Windows

Auto-Hide Taskbar

On the Taskbar want wider space on screen?

One showing off to get it is by feeling the Windows taskbar to conceal itself when it is not in use. For this you need to open taskbar properties, right under the Taskbar tab, then you need to check the Box for Auto-hide the taskbar. As we are adding space, do uncheck the box next to Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar to get rid Of the taskbar icons for Windows Store apps on Windows 10.


System Tray Icons and Notifications

A messy system tray is an offend and can be quite the distraction if you don't recommend the Notifications it is set to be in. Now you can make these notifications go away and conceal the icons Following a discreet popup.

Lets statement you sensitive to hide the Get Windows 10 (GWX) icon and its notifications. To obtain That in Windows 7 through 8.1, first open up taskbar properties, and under the Taskbar Tab, click on The Customize button next to Notification. This opens the Notification Area Icons section.


Next, look for GWX and reset icons in the icon list, which you want to hide and select the Hide icon And notifications option from the dropdown next to it. This hides the icon which you don't want to Have on a front, but you can see it by clicking the tiny upward arrow next to the system tray. Also, You won’t get notifications anymore.


You'll have to choose the Hide icon and notification, option one by one for each and every one icon That your throbbing to hide. With system icons, you can go one step new and outlook them off otherwise of hiding them in the inside The alleviate on a popup. To achieve this you have to click on Turn system icons on or off. On the Next screen, select the off option from the dropdown for every icon that you want to hide from the System Tray.


Note :- If the drop-down appears grayed out in the Notification Area Icons section, uncheck the box next To Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar.


On Windows 10, you’ll find the controls for taskbar icons, notifications, and system icons on a Different location: Settings > System > Notification and actions. Don't make available the UI daunt You. It looks interchange from what you have seen above, but the settings are expertly labeled and Easy to figure out.


While you are fixing the system tray for your ease of use, you can better these auxiliary taskbar Customization behavior as proficiently.

The Search Box

The global search bin that comes bundled behind the taskbar regarding Windows 10 is a comprehensive A feature that we would counsel keeping. But if you still want to hide the search box, open the Taskbar context menu and click on Search > Show search box to toggle it off.

If you have the same opinion that you intend to use the search feature, after all, you don't have to Stick later than its big, unwieldy avatar. Keep it ready to use as a tiny search icon by selecting Search > Show search icon from the taskbar’s context menu.


The Task View Icon

If you have no use for the Task View button that links to a virtual desktop feature for multitasking, Hide its taskbar icon and get more space for open apps. All you have to do is click on Show Task View In the taskbar context menu to toggle the icon off.


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