Delete Stuck Print Jobs in the Windows

printer-errorAt times you might face issues that you are not able to print. Moreover, everything seems to be fine, as the printer is on, connected to a printer, Printer software won’t show any issue.

There could be lots of reasons for why a print job is not printing. One of the most common causes is the printer queue has a stuck print job, which is not letting the printer to print.

Normally you manually go in and delete the stuck print job, but sometimes it won’t let you delete it. In these scenarios, you have to delete the print files.

This article will show you the steps to delete the print files from SYSTEM 32 Folder

In order to get the printing services back up and running, you need follow these steps :-

Step 1 :-

Go to Start Menu, and open "Control Panel".


Step 2 :-

In Control Panel , Select "System and Security".


Step3 :-

Then select "Administrative Tools"


Step 4 :-

In Administrative Tools. Double click on "Services" icon.


Step 5 :-

In Services scroll down to the Print Spooler service and right click on it and select "Stop". In order to do this, you need to be Logged in as Administrator.

NOTE :- At this point, no one will be able to print anything on any of the printers that are being hosted on this server.


Step 6 :-

Now the printer services is stopped, and we make further changes. Now open C Drive and follow the path:-

Note:-You can also type %windir%System32spoolPRINTERS into the address bar in Explorer if the C drive is not the default Windows partition.

Delete all the files in this folder. This will clear all print queues.


Step 7 :-

Now in order to turn on printer services follow Step1 to Step 5, to go back to the Services console. Now right-click on Print Spooler and choose "Start" to turn on the printer service.

You might need to Restart your computer if changes not applied properly.

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