Add a Wireless Network Printer in Windows

wireless-printerThere are plenty of options for printing your important emails, images, or documents. Same way there are several ways with which you can add the printer to the Laptop/Desktop.

In this article, we will discuss how to add the printer using the control panel on windows Laptop & Desktop. After reading this article, surely you can add a printer on any of the windows computers within no time, this is as simple as that.

IMPORTANT: – In order to add printer first we need to make sure that your printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network with which you’re Laptop/Desktop is connected. It is required that Computer and Printer should be on the same network.

Adding a Wireless Network Printer using Control Panel

  • Go to Control Panel and choose Devices and Printers
  • Click on Add Printer
  • The PC will search the local network and display the network printers.
  • Choose the Printer and select Next


  • The system will then try and Auto Select a compatible driver


  • Select the Current Driver and Click Next


  • The system will then ask for a Name for the printer. The user can change the name and then click Next


  • The User can then choose to Share the Printer


  • The user can select to make this new printer the Default and then click Finish.


  • The new printer is now setup but this printer may be using the In OS driver (Class) instead of Full Function driver.
  • To make printer use the Basic drivers for the model, which is available within windows OS follow the instructions below.

TIP :-  I would recommend changing the driver to the Full Function driver, which can easily available on manufacturer website, This will allow user to access complete feature of the printer, such as the User can then use features such as Custom paper sizes.

  • Go back to Control Panel and choose Devices and Printers, right click on the newly created printer and choose Printer Properties.


  • Choose the Advanced Tab


  • Click on the Driver Section drop-down and choose the Driver for the printer that does not have the words Class driver after it.


Click on Apply and then OK and the driver will be changed to the HP Full Function driver for the printer.

The user should try this configuration and see if they still experience problems.

Please Note:- DO NOT Remove the Original Printer Icon from Devices and Printers as the HP Printer Assistant will stop working.

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